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We Start a Straw Bale Garden in Durand at Sister Sherri and Gary's Farm

Cold spring with with 22 inches of snow in early April

April 22, 2018

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2018-04-22-straw-garden (2 images)

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Straw Bale Compost making

Dennis and Helton's Straw Bale Garden


Record cold on our first month in the apartment

And a record cold April delayed our planting of our first Straw Bale Garden

Gary got us started with vintage size straw bales from his Sister Karen's farm.  The coldest on record April gave our garden a late start in the cold cold spring of 2018

We just put the new garden together on April 22, 2018.  We were impatient in starting and it resulted in poor results for the 2018 gardening season.

Dennis had open heart surgery six months before starting this garden

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Photos by Dennis with his iPhone 4s.