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Raphael visits Uncle Helton and Dennis in Wisconsin

5 Days in September

September 7, 2016

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Raph was here from September 7th to the 10th

Raphael in an international flying flight attendant

He was working the day he arrived so he flew from Texas into Minneapolis on Delta Airlines for a visit.  As a flight attendant he can fly almost any airline without cost ( by waitlisting ).  Raphael arrived in MSP at 9 pm and rented a Toyota Prius to Dive to the 89 miles to Durand

It was raining hard in the area and Helton was neverous for his nephew. Raph made it in the standard time and arrived by 11:15

We toured the area, Alma Wisconsin, Eau Claire, and the Leinenkugal brewery in Chippewa Falls.  We saw Sully, the movie and were moved by the story of the real hero.   Raphael took time to post a review on his facebook page for his worker friends.  The movie was so good Dennis saw it again when he took his Sister and Brother-in-law to see it the next day.

Raph likes good regional food; we shopped at the Durand Smokehouse and Eau Galle Cheese factor.  Taking samples home for his friends around the world

Rapael returned to NY on September 10 after a delicious barbecue stake dinner made by Gary


September, 2016, Labor, Day, birthday, 65th, Wisconsin, visits, Emogene, Raphael, Gary, Sherri

Helton made these photos with is Microsoft Windows Lumia 640 smart phone